Amare Learns to Read @gekong

Gives you the journey of how my daughter learns to read and eventually get into Georgia's Gifted Student Program because of her reading skills.

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Intellipedia Wiki @gekong

How Mediawiki is used by the CIA and can be considered a secure and effective platform for storing information
Won the service to America homeland security medalHomeland security medal

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About @gekong

More information about me

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David Allen's GTG @gekong

Distributed Cognition is the art of being able to control your focus by having a solid external trigger for it. Because what we have discovered is the way the brain works relies heavily on the current situation and the environment and it does that brilliantly. if you appropriately manage these practices what happens is you have an external memory trigger that gives you all the possible actions you have in the moment that then you can use your intelligence and intuition to make choices of it.

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Favorite Books @gekong

These are books that I thought would be worthwhile to share.

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Microsoft Productivity Problem @gekong

Microsoft CEO Nadella feels there’s disconnect between management and employees over productivity

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