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Why it Works

Zettelkaster enhances productivity and clarity by adapting to your thinking style. It simplifies complex productivity systems and incorporates PARA/CODE, external brain, and GTD techniques. With Zettelkaster, you have a personalized approach to note-taking and knowledge management.


Be able to organize, explore, and connect concepts effortlessly. Boost creativity, make serendipitous discoveries, and refine your thinking. Engage actively, retain knowledge. Future-proof your knowledge with this scalable system. Share your expertise enhance your personal brand, and network.

To do list at the core

It is designed to combine the functionality of a to do list app with the organization principles of a Zettelkasten system. You are able to expand the lists into "context" cards of the zettelkasten. At its core it has the simplicity and focus of a traditional to do list.


Zettelkaster allows users to privately collaborate with each other's project. If you want to show project status or actually collaborating on a shared task list ZK makes it simple.


ZK isn't just a publishing platform that lets you gain followers ZK can help you out with generating what to write by using the concept of zettelkasten to help you gain insights on what to publish.

Virtual file system

While other platforms can be confusing with their use of tags, folders, links, and backlinks, Zettelkaster simplifies the process by allowing topics to act as all three. This intuitive approach means you don't even have to think about the structure; it just makes sense. This structure make's sharing simple and intuitive as well.