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How to take smart notes: Sonke Ahrens

"Taking SmartNotes" by Sönke Ahrens introduces a note-taking approach that involves creating concise permanent notes in your own words. It emphasizes making connections between notes, using a structured filing system, and actively engaging with your material. The method encourages breaking down complex topics, avoiding copy-pasting, and fostering an iterative learning process. This approach aims to enhance comprehension, promote deep thinking, and build a personal knowledge repository.

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Atomic Habits by James Clear

This book shows you the power of habits. Productivity basically stems from good habits. This book shows you how to build those habits.

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Originals by Adam Grant

by Adam Grant is a book about the behavior and mindset of people who champion new ideas and take action to create change. It discusses how to recognize and develop original ideas, overcome fear and doubt, and promote a culture of originality. The book offers thought-provoking insights on innovation and inspires readers to think outside the box.

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Design Patterns in Ruby


Zero to One

Book by Peter Theil

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The ONE THING by Gary Keller

this show you the power of identifying the “one thing”

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